After interviewing my father and one of my military friends, I decided to know who would be next on my list regarding their reaction to the North Korean Aggression these last few months.

The United States has sent a dispatch of US warships and the USS Carl Vinson (aircraft carrier) toward the Korean Peninsula at the beginning of April. (Zerohedge)

Noting this, I decided to interview my friend Fiero Caesar, who works with the United States Navy and is currently deployed on the Marine Corps Air Station located in Iwakuni.

I wanted to get a sailor’s perspective on the rising tension that is growing in the Korean Peninsula between the United States (along with its allies South Korea and Japan) and North Korea.

Caesar believes that even if war breaks out between the United States and North Korea, that the citizens of Japan and the citizens of the United States (who are working in Japan on U.S. military installations or in Japanese businesses) should have nothing to fear.

“The United States has spent the last 80 years building strong relationships with allied nations, all in hopes that there will be no spark to another World War.”

He also believes that many nations are trying to avoid another possible war due to the existence of nuclear weapons.

“China is really the only country that that has a close relation to North Korea. However, China has recently stated that they would do their best in preventing a war between the United States and North Korea, because they believe it would be an “unending conflict” and lead to more tension between other nations”

It is good to note that many of the military members of the United States are very confident that even if war breaks out, then the United States and its will do its hardest to keep the peace and protect its allies.



“US Deploys Two More Aircraft Carriers Toward Korean Peninsula: Yonhap.” ZeroHedge. N.p., 16 Apr. 2017. Web. 25 Apr. 2017.


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