I reached out to a friend of mine from Korea who lives in Seoul. I asked her what she thinks about living with the constant threat of North Korea.

“Everyone around me seems pretty calm about it because they always make threats. That’s what North Korea does all the time. Even if I see something on the news, I’d think like what are they doing? They are doing something foolish again. And then we just go back to our daily lives. Since it happens every year, all the threats don’t mean that much. Also, we have many political issues in South Korea right now like the upcoming presidential election. So I think everyone’s more concerned with the election than North Korea,” she explained.

Although North Korea is right next to South Korea, she said that she wasn’t scared at all.

“I’m not scared anymore. I guess I was scared when I was a kid. Every time I was very worried to find out they’re doing nuclear experiments. But we all got used to this because it happens too often,” she told based on her experience.

“It’s just media is overreacting this time. North Korea threaten us only when they are in need of something, I think they just want food and water this time too. If they launch nuclear missiles for real, they for sure would get attacked back, I think they must be aware of what would happen after they attack.”

According to her, the number of foreign tourists is decreasing due to current North Korea’s threats. “If I were from outside Korea, I might be very worried to visit Korea too. But if you come here, you will know that it’s safe. I think there is no place safer than South Korea. I wish people could just visit South Korea to find that out.”



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