North Korea has been an issue for the entire world despite the rogue nation’s puny size. Despite North Korea being a small nation, it’s government has a history of launching missile tests close to the island of Japan. Recently, North Korea has responded to the aggression from the United States deploying an American Nuclear aircraft carrier in the waters close to the Korean Peninsula (firstpost).

North Korea Missle

North Korea has shown the world that it holds onto deadly missiles that are ready to strike at any moment, or does it? There are many questions regarding whether North Korea has a legitimate nuclear program or not. Technically, according to BBC, “North Korea has conducted several tests with nuclear bombs”. There are also claims that North Korea it has “successfully “miniaturized” nuclear warheads” (BBC), despite these claims, there has not been any solid proof that North Korea has successfully developed the miniaturized warhead.

There have been a number of reactions from people regarding the aggressions from North Korea, along with the midst of another World War breaking out. Despite this, China has been on the move to stop the tensions between North Korea, and the United States along with its allies Japan, and South Korea who are working together to prepare for a possible attack from North Korea.


Curious about the reactions diverse groups of people may have of this event, I decided to interview a couple of my friends. First, my military friend, Sgt Brian Coykendall USMC, who is currently stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni Japan, gave his input is on the North Korean aggression.

Coykendall stated that: “North Korea is a joke of a country and political standing. They offer no real threat to the established military powers in the world.”

Based off what Coykendall stated, it seems that the United States Marines are prepared for any kind of aggression that the North Korean military may give to its next-door neighbors. So, this should offer a boost of confidence to those who are very worried about what may happen if North Korea decides to attack.






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