As a dependent of a retiree who worked about 25+ years in the United States Marine Corps, I decided to see what his reaction was to be on a continent so close to what may soon become the battlefield of the next war.

My father, Retired Captain Martin Ziola Jr., was enlisted into the Marine Corps after finishing High School, he informed me that over time the Marine Corp trained him to become a better man and is what made him the man he is in the present.

There are many American Citizens who are currently working in Japan for either a local Japanese business or for the most common positions on American military bases. In my father’s case, he works on a Military installation for a business called DPRI, which helps with the construction and expansion of the Military installation in General.

I decided to ask my father what his reaction is to the conflict between the United States and North Korea. He was very unsure about what to say because he feels that running away from reality is not the answer.

“I don’t know what I’ll do if war breaks out with North Korea but me and along with other people who are in the same boat should just continue to live their lives in Japan. Running isn’t the answer, especially since the United States is involved in this. North Korea is a very small rogue Nation compared to the powers of the United States and its alliance with South Korea and Japan. Should a war break out, I think the United States and its allies will destroy North Korea in less than two months.”

He also shared his thought on how everyone underestimates the South Korean military. “I think a lot of people underestimate the power of South Korea, but the military might of South Korea has a lot of potential compared to most militaries in the world. They are always ready since they are always training just in case North Korea decides to attack since their war technically hasn’t ended yet and is at a stand-still, honestly I think South Korea can do a lot of damage to the North Korea military by themselves.”

I feel that my father’s words are very comforting to those who are very worried from what may happen if war breaks out. It should help everyone realize that North Korea offers no immediate danger to the neighboring countries especially since the United States and its allies are involved.





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