I interviewed a Japanese who lives in Tokyo. He told his honest opinion.

“To be honest, I’m not quite sure the details since I’m indifferent to politics. I think most Japanese are not interested in politics. But I personally think the situation right now seems a bit different from before. North Korea have done nuclear tests many times before, and I used to forget about it after I saw the news. And people didn’t seem to care about it either. However, right now every news show have been covering North Korea for a few weeks. Every time I turn on TV, people are talking about the topics such as impacts on Japan and emergency response. Watching experts discuss seriously makes me doubt that they are serious about shooting missiles this time.”

He explained the current mood around him. “There are some people who say that they are planning to leave the country. I often heard this kind of conversation right after the great east Japan earthquake, but I know we are saying that as a joke regarding North Korea.”

Unlike South Korean, he said that he was scared of North Korea. “The relationship between the U.S. and North Korea has changed since president Trump was elected. Since it looks like he doesn’t shy away from using military force, I’m really concerned if he starts a war.”

“I watched on TV that Japan has the technology to shoot missiles in the air, so if they did launch missiles, or whatever, I hope they won’t reach to us. I want to believe that they don’t shoot missiles toward Japan, but still, I’m very scared.”

“We have no choice but to live under fear of earthquake and threats of a neighboring country, Japan is such an unlucky country,” he said, smiling.



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