I interviewed a temple university student who used to work for the U.S. military and asked what he thinks would happen between North Korea and the United States.

“Tensions between them have been rising dramatically, but I don’t think North Korea would start a war with the United States,” he said explaining the situation of North Korea’s nuclear test.

“North Korea is working on their nuclear capability. However, even if they acquire nuclear bombs, they have to make the technology small enough to fit on the missiles that they are shooting. So right now, they don’t have the technology to fire missiles that could hit America, and even if they did have the technology, they don’t have the technology capable of making a nuclear device small enough. In terms of North Korea attacking America with a nuclear device, it’s not possible right now,” he said.

Then I asked the impact on Japan in terms of missiles.

“North Korea does have missiles that could hit Japan. They technically could target American military bases in South Korea or Japan. However, the United States could shoot those missiles in the air. The US has the capability to attack North Korea with nuclear missiles if they want to. The technology for the US to attack North Korea with nuclear weapons does exist. If North Korea attacked the US military base, they risk America attacking in response.”

According to him, North Korea’s number one goal is not destroying the US. “The number one goal of the regime is to stay in power. All they want to do is continue to rule the country. Anything that they do that could risk them losing power is not a smart decision. Attacking America might be a part of their goals but it doesn’t anything good for them. That’s going to be very expensive for both North Korea and America. It’s also going to cost a lot of people’s lives and money. Neither of them wants to fight against each other,” he explained reassuringly.



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